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Bexhill Repair Shop

Bexhill phone repair

Bexhill repair shop

Bexhill computer repair
Bexhill repair
Tel: 01424 224643

14 ST Leonards Road
East Sussex
TN40 1HN

Repair my phone in Bexhill, with staff with years of experience in phone repairs you could no go to anyone else for your repair. We have local repair shop Bexhill so you dont have to go far to get your iphone repair. Even if you dont know what the problem is come into store and we can fix my phone.

The types of repairs we do are.

Screen repair / lcd repair
battery replacement
charging port repair
camera repair

We do these repair on all sorts of devices.

Repair Sony Xperia Z2
Repair Sony Xperia Z3
Repair Sony Xperia Z4
Repair Sony Xperia Z5
Repair IPhone 4
Repair IPhone 4S
Repair IPhone 5
Repair IPhone 5C
Repair IPhone 5S
Repair IPhone 6
Repair IPhone 6 Plus
Repair IPhone 6S
Repair IPhone 6S Plus
Repair IPhone 7
Repair IPhone 7 Plus
Repair Samsung S3
Repair Samsung S3 Mini
Repair Samsung S4
Repair Samsung S4 Mini
Repair Samsung S5
Repair Samsung S5 Mini
Repair Samsung S6
Repair Computer
Repair Laptop

Our expert staff can repair you device in a quick time usually within half and hour depending on work load. So you will have a new device in no time as your local Bexhill repair shop is not far away come on in.
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